Motorboat excursions in the Po Delta

The nature reserve with an enchanting landscape

Travelling along the Ferrarese Delta by water is a unique experience that gives emotions of great intensity Crossing the Comacchio Valleys or descending along the river to the suggestive point where its waters merge with those of the sea, boats lead to the discovery of a unique landscape, dominated by the changing balance between water and land, islands and shoals swept by the wind and waves, covered by thick reed thickets, the undisputed realm of countless species of birds.

From spring to late autumn, numerous motorboats depart from the ports, following highly suggestive itineraries along the river and beyond the lighthouse that marks the far eastern edge of the Ferrara territory. Slipping on the water, one skirts the Isola dell'Amore, the Scanno and the Sacca di Goro among the mussel farms and fishermen in search of sea bream, mullet, sea bass and eels; or one can sail up along the Venetian sacks, visiting places immersed in a singular quiet broken only at times by the calls of birds.

Even from the mouth of the Po di Volano, by motorboat along the Taglio della Falce and the canal leading to Goro, wonderful excursions can be made. In Porto Garibaldi, tourist boats offer the possibility of deep-sea fishing for tuna and mackerel during the summer season, or to reach the mouths of the Po north of the seaside resorts, in the heart of the Delta.

Small boats ply the Valleys ensuring tourists a close contact with the extraordinary surroundings. Along the itinerary, some typical casoni, restored as a museum of lagoon life and eel fishing, invite you to take a short break.